Tenuta Monteti
Organic EVO oil

With the acquisition of the property opposite in 2017, we incorporated almost 5,000 olive trees located on the slopes of the Monteti hill woods.


The varieties are those characteristic of our territory, a border area between Tuscany and Lazio: Moraiolo, Frantoiano, Pendolino, Leccino, Canino. Added to these are some examples of the Raggio quality, which is now only found in old olive groves.


The cultivation technique is organic, certified. The harvest begins around mid-October and lasts approximately three weeks. The olives are cold pressed in the nearby Frantoio Rossi, a few hours after harvesting. The speed of the procedures guarantees our oil the maximum nutritional, aromatic and gustatory quality.


Tenuta Monteti oil is a feast of fruity and vegetal aromas, of a bright color tending towards green, fresh and appropriately spicy. Used raw, due to its natural personality and notable flavour, it can reduce the need to salt foods.