For us, wine is not a “product”


We were born with two red wines, Monteti and Caburnio, which we have always thought of as two brothers: different in personality and vocation, but recognizable by the same stylistic matrix of territorial elegance. However, we felt that there was an arrow missing from our bow. So, in 2014 we introduce TM Rosé.


With these three wines, we can say our dialogue with the territory, even better with the landscape that surrounds us, is complete. Woods, Mediterranean scrub, sea, are all reflected in our stylistic research.


Monteti is a blend with a very singular percentage of Petit Verdot, a variety that excellently portrays the characteristics of our hinterland, so wooded and intact. It is embraced by the classicism of Cabernet Sauvignon and the finesse of Cabernet Franc.


Caburnio, on the other hand, is a blend based mainly on Cabernet Sauvignon, enriched by Merlot and the fresh spices of Alicante Bouschet. A decidedly Mediterranean wine, where the intense aromas of the scrub and the sunny hills that descend towards the sea reverberate.


The TM Rosé is Merlot based, articulated and refracted by Cabernet Franc and Mourvèdre. The freshness of the fruit and the salinity of our air are celebrated here in a bright dawn colour.


No one is the “first wine”, each is part of a single design, research and style which are those of Tenuta Monteti.


Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Franc and Mourvèdre are planted at different latitudes, but where they take root they adapt and evolve in a very local way. We chose them among all because they could give us great results better than others and help us express the complexity and intensity of our territory.
The choice of the IGT Toscana denomination then allowed us freedom of research and action, an essential condition for realizing our project.


Each year is a story in itself. The three blends are not a fixed formula, they aim for the highest quality and must reflect the history of the vintage. This is why every time we select the components and study their best combination to bottle Monteti, Caburnio and TM Rosé at maximum expression.


For us, wine is not a “product”, it is a living story.