A commitment to the future


The care we put into our work from the field to the cellar, the respect and sense of responsibility we feel towards our territory, have found a natural landing place in the program of the Ministry of the Environment “V.I.V.A. The Sustainability of Wine”.


We entered the program in 2016. In January 2017, after a year of collecting documents, ranging from the quantity of water used for irrigation to the meters of tape used to close the cartons, we obtained the calculation of our water and carbon footprint, and, based on this, the Sustainable Company Certification. Since then, we have been subjected to this same exam every two years.


The V.I.V.A. program it does not only photograph the state of things, but provides guidelines for continuous improvement of the production practices, with the aim of reducing the calculated footprints.


On the website the consumer can directly access the company’s sustainability parameters. The carbon footprint calculation developed by V.I.V.A. it is also compliant with UNI EN ISO 14064:2019.


Since 2023 we have achieved also the SQNPI (National Integrated Production Quality Systems) Sustainable Quality Certification.


The achievements of these certifications are confirmation of the philosophy that we apply both in the work in the vienyard and in the industrial part of the production. We firmly believe that the pursuit of quality must combine with the values ​​of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Today’s work is a commitment to the future.


VIVA. Cert. no. CC_VV_2021_006 / SQNPI-SQ03-119931-CC20241