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In the vineyard
The harvest
In the winery

30 times 1 hectare


We work around 30 hectares of vineyard, distributed in 5 contiguous fields, with excellent south-east and south-west exposure, at an average altitude of 145m ASL from which we are just 15 km away.


The entire vineyard is protected by the Monteti hill, which tames the direct winds of the Mediterranean and lets a healthy sea breeze flow over our vines, creating an ideal microclimate. The soil has a complex structure, stony on a clayey substrate which guarantees good drainage, maintaining freshness and humidity deep down.

Since the beginning of the project, we have followed a parcel method: that is, our varieties are planted in alternating parcels, in a sort of chessboard, and are followed one by one. More than a 30 hectare vineyard, it could be defined as 30 times 1 hectare.


The parcel method has allowed us to develop our own agronomic recipe over the years, tailored to our soil, our climate and the real needs of the vines, eliminating the unnecessary and keeping our high quality objectives firmly in place. A recipe that we continue to refine, in the name of respect for the territory and environmental sustainability, with a combination of technological innovations and eco-sustainable agronomic practices.


A weather station helps us monitor the phytosanitary status and water needs of our plants throughout the year. Every autumn we sow different mowing essences between the rows, to add organic substance to the soil. When the vineyard wakes up in spring, we use biological control techniques, launching ‘virtuous’ insects to fight annoying parasites. Each parcel is given only what is truly necessary, nothing more, nothing standardized. Each vintage must be accompanied, and therefore our philosophy is to reduce interventions to a minimum. Everything must be aimed at the fullest expression of the fruit.


To the VIVA “Sustainable Viticulture” certification of the Ministry of the Environment, in 2024 we added the SQNPI (National Integrated Production Quality Systems) Sustainable Quality Certification.


VIVA. Cert. no. CC_VV_2021_006 / SQNPI-SQ03-119931-CC20241


Password: selection


During the harvest the watchword is: selection. With the green harvest, the best bunches to leave on the vine are chosen already in mid-summer. Once the moment has arrived, the harvesting work, strictly manual, is organized in advance, entering the field to delimit with red poles the rows to be harvested and those parcels to be left for a second passage, to give them time to reach optimal maturation.


The selection of the grapes therefore begins already during the picking phase, and continues on the winery’s roof where the bunches are re-selected on the first sorting table and once again, after destemming, with the elimination of the imperfect grapes. Delicately pressed, these enter the cellar sliding along steel trunks into the fermentation vats below.


Tailoring work


The cellar was designed to exploit the force of gravity throughout the production process, from the fall of the grapes selected on the roof into the fermenting vats, to the descent of the finished wines into the basement to go into barriques. The underground rooms enjoy natural air conditioning at a constant temperature throughout the year.


The parcel method also continues in this phase. The plots and micro-plots of the different varieties harvested are vinified separately in dedicated stainless steel vats, and the most suitable fermentation temperature and maceration length are decided for each of them.
At the end of the harvest, we will have, for each variety, as many wines as the parcels picked.


Depending on the characteristics of each wine, the most appropriate type of refinement is then decided. Every year, meticulous research is carried out on the woods most suitable for the different varieties and plots, medium toasted French oak barriques and tonneaux, coming from different forests and tonnelleries. The aim is always the exaltation of the primary matrix, never its covering.


At the end of the refinement process, we have an extraordinary palette of possibilities to create blends that give full expression to the fruit and the territory, while respecting the history of the vintage.


As in our agronomic approach, even in the winery the philosophy is to work case by case, year after year, in a tailored manner, always guaranteeing the consumer surprising and unique wines of the highest quality.